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In the 1968 - yes, that long ago, before my Richie was born, even - there was a tv play called The Year of the Sex Olympics - a fururistic drama, (!) in which the participants had sex on tv, and the hoi-polloi - tautology, tautology! - sat at home, watching them, and didn't have sex at all - voted for the best couple.

Being 1968 all you got to see was a lot of writhing silkily-clad bodies, lots of leg, and the occasional orgasmic expression. It was laughably awful. Now, of course, it's acclaimed as 'prescient and terrifying' - why do I not remember it being in any way remarkable, except for the title?

This story has nothing to do with that, at all, except that I stole the title.:oD

This is the second chapter of part eight of The Seven Pillows of Wisdom - for anyone interested. :D

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A Baby Invisible Screaming Wimble-bear, Pictured with a Baby Hedgehog Resting on its Belly. Yeah! ;D

Hello! I decided to write this for my sister, and for Julia, as they've both had a rotten few days.

It is odd how things come to you. There I was deep in the throes of Egypt, Part 10, when I had to break off and start this.

Still, I know Julia likes it - this pair, I mean - so here's hoping it'll make her smile. Dunno about Pat, but I live in hope.

Like the pic of the Wimble-bear, do you? Giggles.

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I LOVE this by Prims! It is SO Lijah!! :D

Well, I am waiting for my groceries to be delivered so I have finished this. I know I should have been doing CD - 30, but hey...a girl can do as she pleases!

As far as I know, this is the last one in this series - but ya never know! A bunny might bite my bum sometime - who can tell?

So here it is The Seven Pillows 7 - The Umpire Strikes Black )
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Yes, I'm here! Bless! fifty two years ago! Third from the right, front row!

Well, my loves. I was in a silly mood so it had to be done - you'll understand that, I hope.

Humour helps in all sorts of cases doesn't it? Like reading. Must read on a daily basis. Essential for me.

So, without further ado, here is Part Six of The Seven Pillows of Wisdom. The Clown Wars )
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Right ho! Yes, it's time for a bit of nonsense, once again. I do like nonsense, in season, of course. :D

Dedicated to [ profile] tweedle_ because she loves them so much, and to [ profile] mews1945 because it makes her laugh, too. And to [ profile] ladysunrope, the best beta of them all.

Beta-less and proud of it. Winks ;D

The Return of the Judhai )
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My Lovely Dollses!

Well, my friends, it is 3-45 am, and have I nothing better to do than list this nonsense? Apparently not.

So here - if you are interested - is the Fourth Episode of The Seven Pillows of Wisdom. Yes, well - sometimes, one has to! Giggles.

Happy Saturday!!

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Our dear friend, [ profile] mews1945 had a nasty experience with her basement steps, and, although she managed to save herself from falling down them, hurt her back and her leg - which she definitely did not need.

So, to cheer her - if she manages to get to the computer when she gets up - I offer you the Third in the Series of 'The Seven Pillows of Wisdom', wherein the Position of the Wrath of the Demented Goat is finally accomplished.

The pic in the middle of the story is by [ profile] primula_baggins. I adore it. He looks so exotic! Mmmm!

PS Sorry, [ profile] aussiepeach! I lost your comment, My bad. Sniff. xxx

It is called The Rubber Strop of Omar Kiam )


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