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Birthdate:Jun 27
Location:Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Hello! I am Elijah's own. I adore him, yes, I know, it's silly - but who cares? It just happens to be true. I like lots of other things, too, but mostly the things to do with the DomLijah are pressing me to write at the moment.

Note: This is a site where I post my stories, which may contain episodes of love between consenting adults of the same sex. If you are not of age in your own country to read these - please leave NOW. Thank you.

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(catholic tastes!), art, books of all sorts, dom monaghan, dorothy dunnett, elijah wood, elijah...alpha and omega, film, freedom of speech, frodo baggins, gluck, good conversation, good friends, harry potter, history, humanity, i write domlijah. i am passionate about , john barrowman, lotr, lymond, mary renault, mediaeval madrigals, most classics except dostoyevsky., mostly classical - ie, mostly pre-tuba! mozart, music, pre-raphaeline art, pre-tuba., reading, sci-fi, slash writing, star trek, steeleye span, talking, teh domlijah, terry pratchett, the great outdoors, theatre, tolkien, torchwood, travel, twilight, vivaldi, writing
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