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Apr. 6th, 2011 10:11 am
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Hello! I felt a bit better today, and was going to post on LJ, but it's offline again - what a bummer!

I'm keeping this open in case we have to come here instead of using LJ, which I'll be sorry to lose, I can tell you.

I hope you're all well, folks.Sends big hugs to all xxxxxxxx
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Sir Elijah Wood

Master Dom Monaghan

Hello! Here I am, posting part two, whch is very satisfyng for me, at least. It is a little different from my other stories, as it has a lot of the boys praying - but that is how it was in those far-off days.

I hope none of you have been inconvenienced by the volcanic ash. It doesn't appear to have reached us, yet. I do trust it never does - it won't do my asthma any good at all. Still, the sun is shining gloriously, so that's ok . Hope it stays like it, too.

Awaiting delivery of pizza for The Eldest and Rich, and chicken pour moi. :D

Serpent's Tooth - Two )
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Yes, it is I. I have arrived - and to prove it, I'm here. :D

I'm not certain what I shall do with it, but I hope the folks that have friended me on lj will do so, here, too.

I can't see how to insert an image, cos this doesn't give me the browse options that lj does - perhaps someone will help me.

But I've put my foot in the door. Waves happily. xxxxx

Some Pics

Apr. 16th, 2010 05:10 pm
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Ahead of this week's posting I thought some of you would like to see a picture of some of the folks mentioned in this story. I hope you like them. I am having so much fun doing this - you have no idea. It's not a period in history that has grabbed me, much, until now.

Now, well - Consider me grabbed.

This Way to the Pics )
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Dear Mewsie posted red things she loved, and I asked her for a colour to post on my lj. it was BLUE. Thank you, my love.

So here are a few blue things that I adore. As a lot of them were flowers I stuck to two of those.

Blue Things I Love, Beside the Shalimar....or Not... )
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Dom's House

Hello there! After a week of running about (figuratively) between hospitals and dentists, I am truly tired. but then, to allay my weariness, I have been getting on with my new story, which I am enjoying muchly.

Now, for those of you au fait with the period in which I am writing, I trust you will remember that it is an Alternate Reality, and although most of the historical details are true, there are some that are patently not.

If you have questions, do feel free to ask me. Having said that - I do hope you enjoy reading it. Huggles.

Serpent's Tooth - One )
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This is a very famous British painting called '...and When Did You Last See Your Father?' of which you might have heard. It pictures a Royalist boy being interrogated by Parliamentarian men, his weeping sister waiting behind him. The boy is standing straight and proud, he is not afraid. Makes me want to hug him.

Hello, friends! As you may guess, my next story is set in the English Civil War, which took place in the 17th century. A few people to whom I have spoken only knew of the American Civil War, so I'm posting a short,rather simplified history of it here, in readiness for next week's post. :D

I have enjoyed writing it SOOOO much, I've nearly finished Book One. If you wish to read further....

The English Civil War )
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Hello! I'm still half asleep because of the darn hour they still insist on putting forward at this time of year. It puts me out for ages. Grinds tooth. :D

Poor [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope has had to beta this by phone, as her connection has not yet been re-established. They hope to have it done within 21 days! Meep! So I'm not sure when the new story will be posted, folks. We'll have to see.

However, here is the last part of Beyond Simla, which I hope you'll enjoy. Thank you so much for reading it and for all your kind comments, too. Hugs from Ru xxxxx

Beyond Simla - Thirty )
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Hello! Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond her control (ie, BT cutting off her internet access) Lady Sunrope is unable to get the last part of 'Beyond Simla' to me until Wednesday, when said Internet Access is restored to her. They cut off hers instead of the empty house next door, and can't do anything until Wed because, not only did they cut it off, but terminated the contract, too. Obviously, big numbers - over 9 - are a mystery to them. sheesh!

So, I hope you'll forgive us, and be patient. Hugs.

I'm on part 5 of the next series, and enjoying this different DomLijah very much, indeed. But I was looking forward to posting this last part A LOT. Damn BT to the ninth circle of Hell. :D

Big cuddles to all. Ru xxxxxxxxxxxx
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The Sapac Inti Churin, Aralizhe Pachacuti, in shaman garb.

Hello! A request for a beta, please - not for me, but for Lady Sunrope. She is writing me an Inca story, following on from mine. As it is a present for me, she doesn't want me to beta it, cos then I'll know woss 'appening!

No knowledge of the Inca civilization needed for this task, although it might come in handy to have read my Inca stories. :D

I will pass on any offers to her as soon as poss. Thank you, in anticipation, Ru xxxxx

PS I am writing a new story. Just finished Part One! Yippee.
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Don't you just love them? Four young maharajas. Kyoot.

Anyway, my loves, this is the penultimate part of Beyond Simla. Only one left to go! I've enjoyed these boys, but then, whatever incarnation they are in, I love em!!

I hope you have, too. Hugs all my faithful readers for sticking with it.

Beyond Simla - Twenty Nine )
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Laverbread, cockles, bacon, sausage. How it's traditionally served. Sometimes with a fried egg, too. Overloaded with cholesterol!!

I wish Richie was up, cos he could have taken pictures.. :D

I fancied a laverbread sandwich for lunch. Laverbread is, in essence, boiled seaweed - see pic. It is a Welsh delicacy, and a very acquired taste. Ask Lady Sunrope - it got as far as inside her mouth and was disposed of into a tissue. Enough said. But I LOVE it! It's thick, black, gloopy, very sticky, dries harder than cement, and is very hard to manage between two slices of nice wholemeal bread.

Here is a list of the things that got covered with laverbread during this exercise.

1. Wok, inside and out.
2. Counter tops and stove - 3
3. Utensils - 4
4. Plates - 2
5. Kitchen roll - six sheets
6. Tissues - 4
7. Me. As in all over my face. Did I say it's gloopy?
8. Kaftan.
9. Hands
10. Computer desk.
11. Keyboard.
12. Mouse.
13. Backscratcher - don't ask.
14. Purse. Ditto.
15 Banana - oh, my!!
16. Typing pencil.
17. Hat - yes, it gets weirder!
18. Cup I put my pills in
19. Insulin pen
20. Comb
21. Drinks bottle

Oh, I DO wish you could have seen it all! Never mind - next time I'll have it for supper and Richard can snap it all. Oops! More on the keyboard. It lingers, y'know? :D xxxxx
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Gakked this from [livejournal.com profile] samena. Well, I was looking for something to do cos I've finished Beyond Simla. :D xxx

you are ghostwhite

Your dominant hue is blue, making you a good friend who people love and trust. You're good in social situations and want to fit in. Just be careful not to compromise who you are to make them happy.

Your saturation level is very low - you have better things to do than jump headfirst into every little project. You make sure your actions are going to really accomplish something before you start because you hate wasting energy making everyone else think you're working.

Your outlook on life is very bright. You are sunny and optimistic about life and others find it very encouraging, but remember to tone it down if you sense irritation.
the spacefem.com html color quiz
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Hello! Here I am. It is dark; the lovely sunshine we had today is gone. Still, there is always sunshine where my DomLijah is, so I'm happy. :D

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, my dears - and are looking forward to the week ahead.

Anyway, here it is! Beyond Simla - Twenty Eight )
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This is His Highness, Prince Eliyah of Ranjipore. Done by....ME!!!! Giggles. Well, threequarters by me. Is proud. Click, as usual, for the bigger. :D

Anyway, on this dull Sunday afternoon, I send you all my greetings. The sun has gone down, and I'm sitting here drinking banana milkshake and enjoying the thought of the DomLijah drinking tea. Well, whatever turns you on.

So, here is this week's part, with boysecks in it. Hope you like it. Beyond Simla - 27 )
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Good Sabbath! Here I am, in sunny (for the moment) but cold, Wales, after sleeping until 10-30 and knocking all my medication three hours out of synch. Never mind, I'll cope. :D And I did enjoy the extra snooze.

I'm just about to answer the kind comments you left on the last posting, but I thought I'd better upload 26 first. Then I'm going to either read, or write a bit of 28 before lunch. I tell you, it's all go in this house.

Hope you enjoy it. Beyond Simla - Twenty Six )
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Hello, Friendlings! Poor [livejournal.com profile] ladysunrope has the novovirus and is very poorly - but, in between being sick, etc., like the darling she is, she did this for me. Lubs her.

I have had my Inca hat on all day because my hair needs washing, and I'm too tired. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day for both of us.

So, here it is - finally - the guilty revealed. I hope it comes as a surprise to you all. Be honest - did anyone guess? ;D

Beyond Simla - Twenty Five )
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I DID THIS! Well, three-quarters of it, under Richard's supervision. He did all the fiddly bits at the end, because I can't at the moment, see the finer points, and told me which buttons to press. But I put the head on, trimmed it, opaqued it, took out bits of the original, and am as pleased with it as is a doggie with a juicy bone!

Is he not a pretty Boy in Blue? Gainsborough would have been proud if he'd had our man for a model. Swoons.
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Hello! I'm swathed in my new fleecy Disney dressing gown, emblazoned with a pic of Eeyore on the front, and hearts around the hem. I look like an idiot, but I feel warm. :D It's darn cold in Welsh Wales, tonight.

So here, my dears, is the next part of BS, as luckily LSR's putie was working for a short time. Hope you like it. Can you guess who is/are guilty, yet?

Bet you're all wrong! I certainly was, and I'm writing it!! ;D

Beyond Simla - Part Twenty Four )
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Hello! Just a few lines, beause I'm still giggling from this afternoon's dream whilst sleeping, (of course). It was a trio of men. Dom, Lij and....you'll never guess...Jeremy Clarkson! Yes, that's right. Mr Motor Mouth himself. Dom and Lij were engaged together in hot, rampant sex, and Jeremy was moaning he wasn't getting any from either (or both) of them. 'And you won't, either, mate - not in my dream, you won't!' I said, just as I woke up. Dom 'n' Lij do look pretty coupling on my new rug - they do. :D

Well, dreams are funny things!

Had a letter from the hospital, too )


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