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2009-09-20 10:01 am
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Son of My Soul - Thirteen

Good Morrow! I hope you are all well, my loves - especially as we have had a multiplicity of lovely Lij pics of late. He is such a darling. The Stock Exchange ones are particularly delightful, I think. So much enthusiasm and delight, bless him. :D

Anyway, on with the motley. Here is the last in the Egypt saga, part 13 plus an Epilogue which makes 14 for the superstitious. Two of my boys were born on the 13th, so it's a sort of un-birthday present for them.

I hope you like it. Son of My Soul - The End )
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2009-09-13 09:27 pm
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Son of My Soul - Twelve

Hello! It has been a beautiful day, here, but it's dark, now of course, and I'm just off to lie down, and read for a bit.

But before that, my loves - here is this week's offering. Hope you'll like it. I wish I had a physician like Darius, I do, I do! Hugs you all. xxxx

Son Of My Soul - Twelve )
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2009-09-06 06:32 pm
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Son of My Soul - Eleven

Hello! Here I am, tired but willing, to post part 11 of Egypt. :D

Two parts left - plus one epilogue to the epilogue, just because [ profile] verangel likes hot Egyptian sex. Giggle. I'm not posting it immediately, but I will write it for her.

I have just eaten a big bowl of beef stew. Yes, I think you can safely assume Autumn is here. So we went from Spring to Autumn without a Summer in between. Curses. I did want a bit of sun. Not heat, necessarily, but sun. Put the central heating back on today, because even I was freezing! Shows ya.

So, without further ado... Son Of My Soul - Eleven )
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2009-08-30 06:50 pm
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Son of My Soul - Ten

Hello! It has rained all day. Rich wanted to buy two door-mats, so off we went, me riding on Sauron, and covered with a waterproof cover and a waterproof hat, only my face open to the elements.

My face - and glasses - got VERY wet, but I like being out in the rain, if I'm not getting wet. It was fun! But, oh! How I long for a bit of sun. Not too hot, though. Warm and yellow is what I want. :D

Anyway, campers - here is this week's part. Only three left to go (four if you count the epilgue to the epilogue! ;)

Son of My Soul - Ten )
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2009-08-23 09:19 pm
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Son of My Soul - Nine

Hello, my loves! I am sorry I am late posting this, but I have been having such a wonderful time with my surprise visitors [ profile] bellewood, [ profile] lisabellex, and [ profile] _tweedle. It has been wonderful! Hugs them to bits.

We watched Fellowship, and ROTK and played LOTR Trivial Pursuit, went for a drive, saw a butterfly exhibition (live ones), and got rained on. Sigh. I miss them already. Huggles you all.

So here it is, anyway. Part Nine. Grins. Son of My Soul - Nine )
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2009-08-16 05:33 pm
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Son of my Soul - Eight

Hello, my loves! Dear [ profile] ladysunrope has managed to beta this, even though she is very wobbly after 27 hours of airborne travel. Bless her.

I for one will be very glad (and I expect she will be, too) when the transporter is invented.

So here it is! Son of My Soul - Eight )
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2009-08-09 08:38 am
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Son of My Soul - Seven

I have just got a pill stuck in the back of my throat. It will not shift. Ah! That's better - orange juice (with bits) has moved the darn thing.

I spent a bit of time yesterday - in between writing and reading - in looking for a house I would buy if I won the lottery. I found a couple of nice ones. Well, one can dream!! No harm in that, I say. :D

I am very grateful to [ profile] ladysunrope for betaing this before she left for NZ. I can't wait to hear how she got on. Wibble. Such fun. At least it is less rainy here than it has been. Hope it lasts. One does require some sun in August in the UK.

I ordered RED shoes off the internet - a company that sells shoes for folks with tender feet. RED! Nice! If they fit, a pic will be forthcoming. ;D

So, without further ado Son of My Soul - Seven )
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2009-08-02 09:51 am
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Son of My Soul - Six

Hello! The sun is shining! Well, for now, anyway. I have eaten my toast, drunk my orange juice (with bits) and am now going to carry on writing part 12. :D Is happy.

However, I must say that I do hope I am not wasting my time posting these stories, here, as only two people commented on my Seven Pillows that I posted last week. I know many more people read these things than ever comment - but two does seem hardly worthy of the effort it takes in posting.
I write for myself, and would continue to do so even if I stopped posting them here. But if I was writing for myself there would be no sense of urgency in getting them written, as there is now. I like to be a bit ahead in case I am taken ill (a likely event!)

Anyway, I'll leave it a while to see how it goes. If some peeps are not commenting when they used to do so every week, it makes me think I might have hurt them in some way. Or it may just be they've fallen out of the fandom. I know some of them are still Lij girls - so who knows? Maybe they're just fed up with my stories.

I saw HP with my sis on Friday and enjoyed it very much, but my sis - who hasn't read the books - seemed a bit lost. I can see why. There was a flash-glance of a wanted poster of Fenrir Greyback, and he turned up later, briefly - but unless you knew the story, you would not have had a clue who he was. Odd. Not everyone has read the books. And I did think the Dumbledore bit at the end was a trifle rushed. That was a most important story-line, but five minutes at the most, or so it seemed. Pity. It deserved more.

So, anyway, on we go. Here's part 6. Son of My Soul - Six )
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2009-07-26 07:07 am
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Son of My Soul - Five

By My Richie!

Hello. It is a darned grey, damp day here in Welsh Wales, and I DO NOT like de grey! I want sun, a nice breeze and warm (not too hot), please. Why is no-one listening? ;D

Just to let you know my sis managed a walk as far as the corner shop, so she said she's feeling much better. We hope, therefore, to see HP very soon. I expect we'll be the last folks on lj to see it at this rate!

Getting on nicely with this Egypt - will start part 10 this morning, wherein Lij solves the crime, and everyone sits listening to how it was done, by whom, and why. I am amazed that I actually divined this before I got down to the writing of it - that does not happen; not for me, at any rate. Is happy.

My thoughts are with all our gals in NZ traipsing about Middle-earth, and having a whale of a time. Enjoy every minute, dear friends!

So, without further ado - Son of My Soul - Five )
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2009-07-19 08:16 pm
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Son of My Soul - Four

Hello, there! I hope you're all well. The weather here is being extremely odd and the fluctuation in temperature is not helping. Blah!

This week's offering is dedicated to my dear sister [ profile] pattilovesviggo, who is home after surgery, and slowly recovering (hugses) and to the lovely [ profile] mews1945 whose birthday it was yesterday. (More hugs).

So there! Well, on we go! Son of My Soul - 4 )
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2009-07-12 09:36 am
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Son of My Soul - Three

I am a nut! I can't find the pic Richie did for me last week. I know it's on this putie somewhere! :D

Well, my loves - I hope you had a better week than we did, and definitely a better Thursday!

On that suspicious day, as Esme would say - I scalded my hand, Rich had the lawnmower essplode on him, Nick, in far-away Cheltenham, set his stove alight, and yes, Rich burnt himself on the grill of our stove, too. A day crammed with incident. What are we like?

Anyway, the day has dawned fair, and [ profile] ladysunrope being very busy indeed today, has done this early, bless her - so here it is!

Hope you enjoy. Son of My Soul - Three )
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2009-07-05 06:28 pm
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Son of My Soul - Two

By Richie! Hugses!

Hello! It's so much cooler, today, thank goodness! It has been awful this week. I do not like excessive heat or cold and it certainly was too much pour moi. Blech!!

But I sit by my fan and am comfortable. So that'll do!

I hope you're all ready for Egypt part 2. Cos here it is!

Son of My Soul )
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2009-06-28 09:19 pm
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Son of my Soul

I am a naughty, naughty girl. Hangs head in shame. There I was promising you a fic set in the 1920's - and what are you getting instead? EGYPT!!

Yes, I couldn't help it. I have done the other, but decided to think on it for a while. It's only a short one.

So I fervently hope you'll like this series instead - I know a few of you who will. :D

Therefore, this fic is dedicated to [ profile] verangel and [ profile] abaraka, who put their faith in me. Hugs you both.
And to all other Egypt fans, A stor mo chroi!!

Son of My Soul )
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2009-06-21 09:52 am
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Beside the Pale Moon, Gleaming.

[ profile] bonnie_las did this for me for SOTS. Is it not lovely?

There was to be no story this week, my loves, and the new one is only three parts long - but I have finished it, and am sending the last two parts to [ profile] ladysunrope today. I hope inspiration comes to me for something longer, soon. Ya never know! :D

So, in the meantime, I wrote this whilst I was eating my breakfast toast this morning. It is a little vignette from Egypt, so I hope you like it.

Beside the Pale Moon, Gleaming )