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[ profile] bonnie_las did this for me for SOTS. Is it not lovely?

There was to be no story this week, my loves, and the new one is only three parts long - but I have finished it, and am sending the last two parts to [ profile] ladysunrope today. I hope inspiration comes to me for something longer, soon. Ya never know! :D

So, in the meantime, I wrote this whilst I was eating my breakfast toast this morning. It is a little vignette from Egypt, so I hope you like it.

All mistakes are solely mine own. No beta was harmed during the making of this story, and only one piece of toast fell on the keyboard. ;D

Beside the Pale Moon, Gleaming.

It was a hot night, breathless with warmth and the taste of drifting sand. The fan-bearers were wafting the huge peacock's feathers close to Lij's head. It was pleasant, lying there. But only that. For Dom was at Kishlan, and Lij wanted him.

Of course, there was nothing to stop him sending for someone to help him resolve his present predicament, which was poking up the sheet resting lightly upon him. But he and Dom did not subscribe to that kind of behaviour. For Lij, it was Dom, or nothing - and for Dom, it was Lij.

Lij thought about his own hand, but it was far too hot. It did not matter that the fan-bearers were present. That would not have put him off. When Dom was there, and the night such as this one, they would wave the fans over them as they made love together, their eyes blindfolded. But their ears were not plugged, and Lij had heard it was whispered about the palaces that the kings of the land were as two young lads in their bed; eager and inventive...and very, very loud.

Lij groaned and rose. He decided that a dip in the river might help him cool down, in more ways than one. He invited the fan bearers to accompany him, and they did so eagerly. Followed by the six guards, the four fan boys and Lij stepped into the cool waters, heaving a sigh of relief.

No-one noticed, in the shade of the palace wall, a man standing, watching them splashing in the water.

Dom gazed at his lover and spouse. They had been together for more than twenty years, but Lij looked, to Dom, as he had on the very first day he had met him, kneeling at Lij's feet in the Great Hall.

His hair, still dark and lustrous, hung past his waist, and although his face had become more defined than it had been when he was twenty, Lij, at forty, was still as lithe and slim and...Hathor's teats!... thought Dom, as desirable as he had been then. More desirable, in fact, because Dom now knew Lij's mind and heart as well as he knew his own.

He threw off his desert robes, and slid into the river.

Lij was floating in the centre of the gently flowing stream, his eyes closed, his mind upon Dom, when suddenly his mouth was possessed of an eager pair of lips, and hands, familiar as they were welcome, touched his body.

"Sen-Adom, my love," whispered Lij, when he finally had breath to do so, "you are two days early. Why did you leave Kishlan so precipitately?"

"Because, light of my soul, I had finished my business with Garmen, and I was eager to hold you in my arms, again. Ten days is far too long a time to be parted from you, a stor."

Lij flung his arms around Dom's neck and embraced him tenderly. "How I have yearned for you in the watches of the night! Come, let us to bed..."

By the light of the torches flaming in the sconces set against the walls, Lij saw Dom shake his head. "No, a hashkeh, it is far too warm. Let us stay here, and make love in the water. It will be...pleasant."

The guards, standing near - but not too near - their two kings, now lying together in the shallows, thought that 'pleasant' was far too tame a word for the activity now taking place within the waters of the cool Nile.

But the lovers cared not that they were being observed. It was the lot of kings to be watched by others.

Let them watch - and envy! Lij thought, as Dom gasped underneath his frantic thrusting, and then cried aloud for joy.

Then he gave himself up to his own desires, and as they rested in each others arms in the cooling stream, they thought of all the other nights before them, and the companionship and pleasure to be found in each other.

The moon shone benevolently upon them, as they fell asleep.

The guards drew nearer. They would sleep only moments - for had they not seen their kings thus before? - and then they would follow them inside, to watch over their slumbers as their lords lay, entwined, between soft sheets.

It was not an unpleasant duty, guarding their kings at night.

Not unpleasant at all.
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