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Well, put a seagull on my head and call me Cliff! :D

You know I say there would be no story this week? Well, there is! Wherefore, you may ask? It is because the delightful [ profile] ladysunrope has written this beautiful vignette after reading the pome what I wrote yesterday. It is a wonderful tribute and I blush with pride that she likes my DomLij enough to set her Muse racing. HUGE hugs to LSR for this, I am just gobsmacked, and very thankful to be numbered amongst her friends. She is a wonderful lady.

Lij gives Dom the Poem.(See yesterday's Post!)

More Than a Gift of Words )

Lij's Poem

Feb. 24th, 2008 09:42 am
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Good morning! It is dull and dreary, but hey! The sun will shine tomorrow!
I just want you to know that I had a wonderful time with [ profile] ladysunrope last weekend, and John Barrowman was a sweetie. The time went far too quickly, but it was lovely to see her - and him. Bless. And because I have six stitches in my gum, it may mean if ever I get to see him again, I can do it with TEETH! :D

There is no story this week, gentle reader, as I am starting my new one. It is an AR (what else) set in Anglo-Saxon times, where Lighe is the Aetheling (after whom the story is named) son and heir of Cerdic the king, and Dom is a Frankish prince come as an exchange for Lighe's brother being held by Dom's father, the Frankish king. It all goes bonkers from there. :D
That starts next week. I hope you will all enjoy it.

So for this week I offer you a short poem written by Lij, the Untamed, for his love, Dom.

Walk this way, to the ingress, silver plate )
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Hello! Lady Sunrope is here! oh, joy! :D Yesterday we went to Cardiff to see John Barrowman (Torchwood for anyone who doesn't know!") who was lovely, and drop-dead gorgeous, and signed our books for us. Another squee!

LSR has just betaed this - much thanks - on the spot, so to speak. So here it is - the end of the beginning - the last part of Book One.

The Untamed - 8 )
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Hello, my loves!I had the stupidest dream last night. Well, stupider than usual. Must be the pills!

I was going to the cinema with Lij to see something called "Macaric Doshanga" - yup, you tell me. He was very keen to see it so he went on and I walked behind. Who should I bump into but Orli with a Mohican, and wearing a flowered shirt.

Now for some reason I was fed up with him because he was always moaning, and when he started to tell me about the nine stitches he had in his leg after falling off a bike, I cut him short.

"See ya later at the play, Orli. Take care!" I said, and he looked a bit put out cos I wasn't listening. (Now comes the odd bit) "and by the way, thank you for painting my tortoise!"

I ask you! Nuts. ps, the film was great! :D

I digress. Here is part seven - only one to go!

The Untamed )
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Hello! I thought I'd post this before my afternoon snooze, but I was too tired. So here I am - better late than never, I hope!

Only two more to go after this, and that's the end of the first part, called, strangely enough, Book One.

I hope you enjoy it, my friends.

The Untamed - Part Six )
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Hello, hello, hello! Twirls in, full of sunshine and gay repartee! :D

I have finished Part 8 of The Untamed, which is the end of the First Book. There will be more, but not immediately. I shall think about what to do next. I have a couple of ideas on the boil, but not sure which to do. Might put a poll up later, if I can't decide.

Anyway, for now, here's....The Untamed - Part 5 )
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Hello! It is Saturn's Day and the rain is STILL raining. I think there was one day when it didn't - but don't quote me.

We have been spoiled with so many pics this week of TDO - The Delectable One - that peeps who make icons and manips will have plenty to work on for a while, won't they?

I am on Part 8 of this story, which will be the last part. Sniff. I have enjoyed it - it's been a different journey for me, and for you, too, I hope. :D

Anyway, here's the next part for your perusal, my dear friends.

The Untamed Part Four )
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Hello again. Yes, the Rain Yt Raineth Everich Daye! As it has been almost everywhere the Rain has been awful. Hope none of my flist have been washed out! (End Of Weather Summary)

On the 15 Jan, it's [ profile] ladysunrope's birthday, so I'll dedicate this part to her, and to everyone else whose birthday is this week.

Also Special Mention to the lovely friend who had a baby boy this week - the cognoscenti will know who she is.

I'm going to watch a film in a minute - not sure what, but something with Elijah in it sounds good to me. Let's see - Fellowship? Yup, I think so.

The Untamed - Part Three )
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The Untamed - pic by my lovely son, [ profile] digigrader Clickie on it to see da pic in BIG.

Hello! My first post of the New Year, and (weather update) the Sun Shineth! YaY!

I am very grateful for all the lovely feedback I had for the first part of The Untamed. I hope you all continue to like it - remembering, of course, that it is an AR story, and therefore, anything can, (and probably might) happen. I have written half of part 5, so I know it up to there - but goodness knows what awaits us! :D

So here, without further ado...

The Untamed Part Two )
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This is my lovely Frodo from Anne Pickersgill. Beautiful, or what??

Good morning, my friendies. Here we are again, at the arse-end of one holiday and the eve of another.

I wanted to thank everybody who has sent me more cards and gifts and more especially - their love. Returns it with interest! Mwah.

I am posting the first part of my new DomLijah - a short series called The Untamed. You will have to read it to find out what it's about - but I hope you'll like it, as it's very different from what I usually do. I'll be most interested to hear what you think about it.

So, taking a deep breath and plunging straight in - here it is...

The Untamed Part One )


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