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Hello! I'm still half asleep because of the darn hour they still insist on putting forward at this time of year. It puts me out for ages. Grinds tooth. :D

Poor [ profile] ladysunrope has had to beta this by phone, as her connection has not yet been re-established. They hope to have it done within 21 days! Meep! So I'm not sure when the new story will be posted, folks. We'll have to see.

However, here is the last part of Beyond Simla, which I hope you'll enjoy. Thank you so much for reading it and for all your kind comments, too. Hugs from Ru xxxxx

Beyond Simla - Thirty )
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Don't you just love them? Four young maharajas. Kyoot.

Anyway, my loves, this is the penultimate part of Beyond Simla. Only one left to go! I've enjoyed these boys, but then, whatever incarnation they are in, I love em!!

I hope you have, too. Hugs all my faithful readers for sticking with it.

Beyond Simla - Twenty Nine )
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Hello! Here I am. It is dark; the lovely sunshine we had today is gone. Still, there is always sunshine where my DomLijah is, so I'm happy. :D

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, my dears - and are looking forward to the week ahead.

Anyway, here it is! Beyond Simla - Twenty Eight )
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This is His Highness, Prince Eliyah of Ranjipore. Done by....ME!!!! Giggles. Well, threequarters by me. Is proud. Click, as usual, for the bigger. :D

Anyway, on this dull Sunday afternoon, I send you all my greetings. The sun has gone down, and I'm sitting here drinking banana milkshake and enjoying the thought of the DomLijah drinking tea. Well, whatever turns you on.

So, here is this week's part, with boysecks in it. Hope you like it. Beyond Simla - 27 )
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Good Sabbath! Here I am, in sunny (for the moment) but cold, Wales, after sleeping until 10-30 and knocking all my medication three hours out of synch. Never mind, I'll cope. :D And I did enjoy the extra snooze.

I'm just about to answer the kind comments you left on the last posting, but I thought I'd better upload 26 first. Then I'm going to either read, or write a bit of 28 before lunch. I tell you, it's all go in this house.

Hope you enjoy it. Beyond Simla - Twenty Six )
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Hello, Friendlings! Poor [ profile] ladysunrope has the novovirus and is very poorly - but, in between being sick, etc., like the darling she is, she did this for me. Lubs her.

I have had my Inca hat on all day because my hair needs washing, and I'm too tired. Let's hope tomorrow is a better day for both of us.

So, here it is - finally - the guilty revealed. I hope it comes as a surprise to you all. Be honest - did anyone guess? ;D

Beyond Simla - Twenty Five )
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Hello! I'm swathed in my new fleecy Disney dressing gown, emblazoned with a pic of Eeyore on the front, and hearts around the hem. I look like an idiot, but I feel warm. :D It's darn cold in Welsh Wales, tonight.

So here, my dears, is the next part of BS, as luckily LSR's putie was working for a short time. Hope you like it. Can you guess who is/are guilty, yet?

Bet you're all wrong! I certainly was, and I'm writing it!! ;D

Beyond Simla - Part Twenty Four )
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Hello, my loves! Just said goodbye to [ profile] tweedle_ and [ profile] lisabellex who have been wonderful and considerate visitors over the weekend. Loves them with great love.

So here is this week's part from the lovely [ profile] ladysunrope 's hot and fevered hands. Poor thing is coughing, again.

I hope you like it. Beyond Simla - Twenty Three )
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Hello, everyone! Just to let you know that I have written 8 pages of the next part, but still am not completely certain of what's going on. And that's how I like it! :D

That's the way a mystery should be, in my opinion. No-one - not even the writer - knows what's going on until the end. :D

anyway, here's this week's chapter, which I hope will please you.

Beyond Simla - Twenty Two )
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Hello! poor lsr has had putie trouble, so I was very grateful that she managed to get this to me tonight.

I do hope you all enjoy it. Without further ado Beyond Simla - Twenty One )
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Hello, there! Happy Sabbath! I hope you're all well and recovered from the Christmas and New Year celebrations - eaten all the after dinner mints, and put out the spare nuts for the birds. :D

I'm going to snuggle down on my sofa in a minute, with my book, but first, I wanted to post this. I might go to sleep, and that would not do at all, before posting.

So here it is, my dears - this part, dedicated to my wonderful beta, Lady Sunrope, whose birthday is this week. Huggles. Beyond Simla - Twenty. )
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Hello! And A HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! Hugses.xxxx

Ithought I'd post this now, as I feel like a read of one of my Christmas books, lying down on my sofa, with a jelly baby or two. Why not?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and New Year, and enjoyed it all as much as we did. To this end I offer you Pt 19 as a New Year gift.

Beyond Simla - Nineteen )
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Dear friends, it seems to have sorted itself out, now I've posted it again. If you left a comment on the first draft, I have had to delete it in the post, but I did answer it first! I appreciate your patience! Huggles. xxxxx

Beyond Simla - Eighteen )
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O Lij of wonder, Lij of might,
Lij of royal beauty bright.

We Three Kings Of Orient Are
from the Christmas Song Generator.

Get your own song :


Hi, there! Well, here I am upon Sunday night, once more, ready to post. I'd like you to know that, from today, there'll only be one chapter a week, because I'm writing ch 21, and there's not much room for leeway if I don't feel up to writing - so back to the old order!

We tried looking out for the meteors, but they're not out in our area. I'll try agaiin, soon. Me likes shooting stars. :D

In the meantime, here's Beyond Simla - Seventeen )
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Click for biggah!

Hello, there! Rich is putting up the tree; I'm doing this; Nick is waging war on Facebook, so that's the evening sorted! :D

I love this pic - I know it's nothing to do with Simla, but it is so beautiful. I hope you agree.

A huge thank you to all those who have sent me virtual gifts and real and virtual cards. Hugs you all, big time!

Here's the Thursday chapter. Beyond Simla - Sixteen )
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Hi, there! LSR's computer is playing up again, and the poor girl was trying for ages to get this to me. But, it has arrived, and here it is!
Warning, rampant sex ahead. :D

Beyond Simla - Fifteen )
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Hello, there! Poor LSR had a loooong day at work, but she sent this before, I suspect, she'd eaten her dinner. Hugs.

I do hope you think it was worth the wait. Anyway, without further ado....

Beyond Simla - Fourteen )


Dec. 4th, 2009 09:45 am
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Hello, my darlings! Just in case you are looking for my story, it apparently got lost in the ether between email accounts, last night. LSR posted it to me at 8.30 and it still hasn't arrived. :C

So sorry for the inconvenience. I hope, when LSR has time to resend it, that you'll be happy with it.

Hope in the meantime, that everyone has a good day! Hugs, Ru xxxxx
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This lovely photo is of Elijah Denham Wood with his mother's father, the only member of his family who was kind to him. It was done for me by the lovely and talented [ profile] karin_woywod, and great thanks to her for her kindness! Mwah!!

All hail, Sunday girls! Forgive me, but I fell asleep, and LSR had to ring me to see if I was ok! Duh! I woz tired, after seeing New Moon, Friday, and shopping and stuff yesterday. Am I the only one who liked the film? I thought it was great. Well, it takes all sorts to make a world, hey??

On, then, to Ranjipore, my loves. Beyond Simla = Thirteen )
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The Palace of Ranjipore

Hello! Well, here it is. I'm on part 20, now, so this twice weekly thing won't last much longer. I can't write two parts a week - not any more! :D

I hope you all enjoy it. Beyond Simla - Twelve )


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