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Well, Good Morning! Here for you is the penultimate part of my story - only ONE to go!

I hope you like it! A Regency Tale 30 )
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Hello there! It is cloudy here today, but my heart is happy! That's what counts. :D

AND I could not choose a name for the boat out of your kind offerings. I had it down to three, when, in despair, I gave the list to my son and just told him to choose a name for a yacht from the list, not knowing who had chosen them. He did, and chose Sirona - the Celtic goddess of health. So that is sorted. Thank you so much for your thoughts on this - when I want a name for something else, I know where to come! Enjoy!xxx

A Regency Tale - 29 )
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Good morning!(Just!) It's a beautiful, sunny day here, so fired with zeal and enterprise I am just going out into the garden to watch Richie work! :D

But before I do - here's this weeks episode of........

A Regency Tale - 28 )
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Good afternoon! I hope you are all well, my dears! Here is the next part of my tale - which I hope you will enjoy. Thank you all, my faithful readers! Hugses.

A Regency Tale - 27 )
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Hello there! Yes, it's a day early - but what the heck? I LIKE my flist, and thought you might be pleased.

LSR beta'ed this last week when she was here, because, like the idiot I am, I gave her the wrong part to do, so she went through two of them. Thank you, Lady Sunrope.

So - on with the motley...

A Regency Tale-26 )
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Had a most wondrous day yesterday in Cardiff with the Girls at the LOTR trilogy. It was magic. Thank you my dears for making my day! Smooches.

Lady Sunrope beta'ed this on the spot. Smashing! My usual thanks and huggles to her!

A Regency Tale - 25 )
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Good morning, me dears! Yes, I know it isn't Sunday, but I really wanted you to get this today. I hope it is all you hoped it would be. Who can tell?

In which Dom and his Lij find joy.

A Regency Tale - 24 )
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Hello there! The hour has impeded me - why do they have to mess with our clocks? Bugrit! :D

Anyway, here is the next part, which I hope you will like...

A Regency Tale - 23 )
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Gosh! It's Sunday again, and for the moment, the sun shines upon us, here in Welsh Wales.

So here, for your perusal, is the next part of my story. I hope the end makes you smile. :D xxx

A Regency Tale 22 )
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Good afternoon. Here I am, I think. Not quite sure. :D But whatever, here is the next part of my story for your edification. We hopes you likes it, good sirs, yes we do!

Read more... )
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Good afternoon! (Morning, evening, whatever!)

It's raining cats n dogs here, I hope it's better wherever YOU are.

Here is the next part - A Regency Tale-20 )
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Well, good morning! I'm here to put you out of your misery! On this sunny morning (Wonders Never Cease) in Wales, I give to you.....

A Regency Tale - nineteen )
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His Grace, Elijah, Duke of Stanford, by the excellent Prim Baggins

Hey-ho, me hearties! On a dull afternoon in Welsh Wales, I dedicate this part to all those with birthdays this week, *Waves at flist*, hoping they are having a happier week than the poor DomLijah.

I hope you all enjoy it - if that is the right word. :D

A Regency Tale - 18 )
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The Lady Hannah Wood

The Most Noble Elijah, Duke of Stanford

Lord Dominic Monaghan

First of all, these are the latest from Primula Baggins - beautiful, beautiful pics. Thank you, darling! xxx

The second part is the reply to all your lovely comments on A Regency Tale part 17 - when it became apparent to me that some of you thought Dom had acted badly. I therefore have put up this short explication for your perusal! Some of it is taken from the C4 tv programme, "A Regency House"(Just saved me time!).

Thank you all for reading and taking the time to comment - it makes my day! Loves to you all xxx

A Regency Tale - A Short Comment On The Art of Duelling )
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Hello there! The snow has vanished - I hope it doesn't come back! I missed two appointments because of it - damned white stuff. Pretty, but I can't get about in it. Brrrr! :D

I know several girls are not about to read this, but this is for those who ARE here, after all. Dom n Lij find out what they want.

Here we go! A Regency Tale, part 16 )
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Hello there! I know it is still Saturday in the UK, but it is Sunday elsewhere, so I thought I'd put this up early...or late!

I hope you enjoy it. A Regency Tale 15 )
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Hello, me dears, and a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dear boy! xxxxx

Apart from that, here is the next part of my story. It was a miracle I finished it, what with one thing and another. However, here it is.

*Offers it on a silver salver to my dear flist as a little gift for the DAY!*

A Regency Tale 14 )
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Good morning! The sun is shining again - how lovely! Herein is hot boisecks, which should be NC-17, but I can never think of anything to do with the DomLij that is worthy of the rating. My beautiful boys!

Anyway, here it is! Recipe for the negus at the end!! :D A Regency Tale 13 )
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Good morning, my dears! The sun is shining here after a dismal week - so that is very nice! It is cold, but I enjoy the winter sun.

I hope you all enjoy this part of the tale - which contains Dom N Lij nibbling each other, cos I did! :D

A Regency Tale:12 )
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Hello, my dears! It is Sunday so I'm posting this before I go to bed. How good is that? Giggles. And I'm putting up BOTH of dear Prim's excellent manips of our bois! I do hope you all find this episode satisfactory! ;D Hugs flist! xxx

A Regency Tale 11 )


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