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Rhosilli beach, Gower

Hello, me hearties! Just to let you all know that my new story will start here next week. When I posted to ask, no-one said they wanted it - but I did, so here it will be!

Heard a lovely thing on the radio yesterday, nearly rivalling the...

"and now, that famous piece by the Russian composer Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov (breathes deeply because he thought, he said later, he'd never get it right,) - "the Bum of the Flytle Bee."

Yesterday's offering..."and lastly, the four fifteen at Ascot was won by the favourite, at 8/13 odds on, Whip van Wrinkle" Smothered giggles from news staff..."er, sorry, Rip van Winkle." It was lovely! I bet they won't let him live THAT down in a hurry.

Collapse of stout party. xxxxxxxxxxx
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Yes, yes, YES! :D

Well, dear ones, I am as astonished as a sentient Nimble-radish espying Prince Liyjah's bottom. Strike me down with a wet kipper, if I'm not! I have just finished Part Two of...The Next Story!
I had no idea, until I went to sleep last night, and there it was.

Now, I wonder if anyone, after reading the first part, will want to do a manip for me? I do hope so - this one will be a doozie!

I wonder, too, if anyone would like to guess what it's about? All answers on a ten pound note, to....ME.

Giggles. Go on, have a guess. If there are any mind-readers out there, it's worth a go! BTW, the pic is not a clue, although I think Lij might look like that in it!

Hugs ya! xxxxx


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