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I'm very incited! Yesterday I took down to the printers just along the road from me, two of my stories on a pen-drive - Inca One and Two and A Regency Tale, just for starters.

Roberto downed them onto his puter, and two hours later rang to say he'd printed them. WoW! Service, eh? Today I go to see Fabio to discuss the colour for the bindings. So Inca is red, and Regency is blue. Sigh.

I know its not very exciting in the cosmic scheme of things, but I am happy about having my stories in a readable - for me, I mean - format, as my cataracts are "ripening" at an extraordinary rate, and I have to hold things under my nose to see 'em; it's great. Wibble!!!

I am also getting the Egypt saga done - all of them - which will take ages for me to convert, and check through - but next I intend sorting some of the shorter stories, like Untamed, and The Onion Man, to go into one volume. It'll be fun choosing - in between writing, of course. Must, must do that.

I cannot go without saying this - thank you to all the dear friends - you know who you are - who have been so supportive of me, lately, and commented, or emailed, or phoned me. And for those whom I do not know as friends, but were kind, anyway - hugs [ profile] fienchen and [ profile] msilverstar just two of them chosen at random. It meant a lot.
Kindness is a light in dark places, when all other lights go out.


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