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I've just posted this on Orlijah month, so I though I'd put it here, too. It won't hurt, will it?

Hi, there! This snippet is in response to the prompt asking for new interludes from previously written stories. I always wanted to do this - so here it is! From my first Inca series - Inca: Aralizhe Pachacuti. I hope you like it.

The Inca

Main DP mentioned in this glimpse:

Aralizhe Pachacuti Inca - Elijah Wood
Rimac, his lover and cousin - Orlando Bloom
Dom Domingo, Papal Nuncio and Prince of Aragon - Dom Monaghan
William Boyd, Lord of Buccleuch - Billy Boyd

A new snippet written within my Inca world. NC-17 for man-sex. Ismenin
betaed by lovely LadySunrope.

Aralizhe - Lizhe - is the Sapac Inti Churin, The Royal Son of the Sun )
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The Inca and Dom Huascar

The Inti-Huatana

Good afternoon, fellow lj'ers! Here I am posting the last part of Inca Two - The Scourge of the Sun.
Thank you for being such loyal and faithful readers. I really appreciate that you took the time to comment and to say what it was you thought about it all.
A special thank you to [ profile] ladysunrope for her excellent beta and suggestions. One of them you'll find in the epilogue. Dom on his knees...lovely...

So, without further ado, here it is.

Inca 2 Part 30 and Epilogue )
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Good morning, me dears! Dull and rainy it may be, but I am happy cos I have finished Inca2! One more part after this one, and then on to summat else. Sighs. But I am sure I shall return! :D

I hope you like this part, cos I do.

Inca2 - Part 29 )
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Pic by my son, the lovely [ profile] digigrader

Hello y'all! Yers, it is that time again - Inca Time. Coming near the end, now, but there are a few more parts to go. I'm on 30 right now, and that might be the last one with an Epilogue to finish it off. We'll see.
Just hope you like it.

Inca2 - 28 )
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Hello there! Yes, it's that time of the week again, and here is part 27 of my story. I do hope you enjoy it, my dears. I'm sad it's coming to an end - but there ya go! On to something new never hurts - and I can always come back, can't I? :D

Inca2 - 27 )
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Hello! Well, here is the part you've all been waiting for - I hope! I had so much fun doing it, you just don't know. I will be most interested to see what you make of it, as I hope it makes you feel as it made me feel. However, please remember it is set in an Alternate Reality, and you are expected, therefore, to believe every word of it! :D

Thank you, loyal readers, for sticking with it. Hugs flist to ample chest!

Inca2 - Part 26...Walk, Don't Run... )
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The Inca Pachacutec and his Queen

A hair shirt

Just cos I like it - a marmoset!

Hello! Saturday, and the sun shines and birds sing and it is warm but breezy. Just as I like it!

Sigh. I am so happy that the DomLij were in the same space together, I can't tell you! Wibbles delightedly.

Before I vanish to eat a ham roll and a speckled Jim (spotty brown banana) I thought I'd post this week's part. I hope you like it.

Read more... )
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Inca at the Inti Raymi

Hello! Here I am, after two weeks of intense excitement with my friendies - knackered, but happy. :D

The sun is beautiful today. It came out just in time for me to post this week's part. I thought I'd better put it here before the horde (my grandkids) descend upon me and stop all slashy activity. I can't wait until I can put some premier bonking into this story. The poor lads have had so much to think about lately, there has been no room - or strength - for sexual congress! ;D

Inca2 24...follow the Yellow Brick Road... )
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Three pretty girls from the Inti Raymi ceremony

Hello there! At last I post! I wanted to tell you what a wonderful time I had with [ profile] lisabellex, [ profile] tweedle_, [ profile] wynterhawk and [ profile] salwood at Lisa's Moot.

Lisa's hospitality was first rate as was Tweedle's cooking, and I'm sure we all had a great time. I know I did. And Sal, bless her, brought me home to my door. Thank you muchly, gals! Can't wait until next time! xxx

Yesterday [ profile] janejanejane and her smashing hubby Chris, together with [ profile] bellewood, and my sis, [ profile] pattilovesviggo were at my home. It uis always lovely to see old friends - and a new one - Belle. I hope it will be the first of many meetings. Today Jane and Chris, who are staying nearby, will come again. It's such fun!

So I thought I'd better post this before the madness begins again.

Inca2 - Part 23. Hold on to yer Hats... )
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Good Froday! Yes, very soon I am off to de Moot! But, before I go, LSR has kindly beta'ed Inca for me despite not being at all well, so big huggles to her. And I shall see you all on the flip-side! Bye for now!

Inca2 - 22 Go Forth and Read... )
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All hail! Well, two in two days isn't bad going. :D I'm not at all sure about posting next week, because I'll be away at the weekend in [ profile] lisabellex 's much anticipated MOOT. But I will do my best.

My grateful thanks to you all for sticking with it, and to [ profile] ladysunrope for her excellent beta skills.

Here it be. Part 21...proceed carefully... )
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Pachacutec and Tupac Yupanque, by Richie. Bless him!

The sun shineth, the birds singeth, and here we are again. It is Saturn's Day, and the world is bright.

I have just eaten my porridge, and my toast, which is a good start to any day, and swallowed 17 pills, which isn't. But there ya go. Death being the alternative, some things we have to do.

I am hoping to do a bit of writing in a minute, but I thought I'd better post this first. LSR did this early, bless her cotton socks, so I'm posting it early, too.

This Way to the Ingress )
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Me and my bois!

Here we are again! Another week passeth swifter than the one before. And Li'l Lijah is on the radio tonight! *Major Squeee!*
So before we all get too incited, here is this week's episode. Thanks faithful readers for your continued interest!

Inca2 - 19 )
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Yes, well, we know he's talking to Bilbo, don't we? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lads! :D

In other news, it's a misty, moisty morning here, but I always have hope the sun will shine, later. So here, my loves, is the next part of my story, which I hope you will like.
Update. Half an hour later - the SUN IS SHINING!

Inca2: Part 18 )
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This is The Hitching post of the Sun. Nice things happen here, later! Winks dramatically.

The Red Arrows are in town and have just drawn a heart with an arrow through it in the sky above my house. If the pic Rich took comes out, I'll post it!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, I am alive and kicking, it is a beautiful day! Hugses.

Anyway, welcome to my newest reader [ profile] weotolkien who joined us via the MOME awards - waves - and for all you other loyal readers, here is the next part of Inca2.

Inca2: The Scourge of the Sun 17 )
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Cuy! Inca dinner! Oops. *Creeps out blushing*

Here, my dear friends is this week's Inca, beta'ed by the fragrant [ profile] ladysunrope Hope you like it.

Inca2: Scourge of the Sun 16 )
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Everyone is meeting our Dom this weekend - so I thought I'd put my pics up, too. Very few have seen these, I think. He is sweet...and hot!

Dom n Me at C4

I wonder if there'll be anyone here reading this this weekend? but even if there was only one, I'd post it. I know not everyone who reads a fic comments on it, but it's enough for me that it is read. It takes ages for me to do this, typing with one finger, but I do enjoy it! Hope you do, too. Hugs flist! xxx

Inca2 - 15 )
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A Pic from the Inti Raymi ceremony.

Good morning, my dears! The sun shines and I've just eaten my porridge. Flushed with the success of these two great occurrences I post the next part of my story for you.

Inca2 - Part 14 )
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Yes, well, here it is, then. i hope you enjoy it. I must say [ profile] ladysunrope did well to beta this, as she does not like creepy crawlies. So, when she marries Dom, he'll have to keep his insects in the shed - and the shed better be in Ulan Batur!

Inca2 - 13 )
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hello, there! lsr had beta'ed this early so i thought i'd post it now. sigh. i do like these men a lot - can you guess?

the sun is shining in welsh wales and my "wonder of the incas" flowers have started blooming in the front garden. when the blossoms come out i'll post a piccie. ;D

just a word to all my flist out there - i'm glad you're my friends. i value you. hugses.

ps - sorry if you got this twice in your inbox, just me being an lj nerd!

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