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Now, I KNOW I have posted this here before - and [ profile] tweedle_ has been kind enough to post the others on her new humour site, [ profile] lotr_glee - if you like anyone's funny tales, they're all going to be filed there - but this one is missing for some reason. So I thought I'd make it easier for her to find by re-posting it here!

AND if you have funny stories that are LOTR RPS or FPS based, that's the place to store them. It's great!

EDIT: I found it posted on June 20th. But I'll leave it here cos it's easier for her to find! Hugs Tweedle. xxxxx

Pit Stop 3 - Trochee )
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Hobe, shortly after he'd Margented Dom's Vambrace. Giggle.

Hello! In the Antipodes it's already tomorrow, if you know what I mean, so I'm posting this before I go sinking into the arms of Morpheus.

In true Hobbit style, I offer you the following as a Birthday Gift. More a Birthday Mathom, really, for it's of no use to man, beast, or small furry creature from Alpha Centauri. But I thought it might pleasure your quinks. Who knows? Giggles.

Am going to see Prince Caspian with my sis, so I will be absent for a few hours on the morrow, ie, the 27th. :D.

Anyway, I hope these two make you smile. :D Hugses.

Pit Stop-Anapaest )
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Me and my ex on our Wedding Day. We woz kyoot!

Right! One whole pound under 13 stone, so I am announcing it to all and sundry - Yay! Yay! Yay! - and making a celebratory post of my latest Hobart Drizzle nonsense, entitled Pit Stop - Trochee. Why, I have no idea, expect the last one was called Enjambment. Spondee next I spose. :D Or maybe Dactyl.

Those who read my post re Mme Tour de Eiffel will recognise the allusion within.

Pit Stop - Trochee )
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Euphrosyne - Hobart's Sister - pinched from Prim. I hope she doesn't mind!

Hobart in New York

Dom Monotonos, looking anything BUT...

Ah, well. I had a silly moment this morning, and was half way through page 3 of part 16 of Aetheling when an urge for Hobart Drizzle came upon me. Of course you have to read my other HD story AND seen the vid on YouTube to understand it, but there we go.

This is un-betaed, cos I dare not look [ profile] ladysunrope in the eye, after writing such dribble, er, Drizzle; heck! Drivel!!!.

Pit Stop - Caesura and Enjambment )
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Hobart Drizzle - see below.

Well, I'm still here! If this does not greatly surprise you, then it should! :D

Today I went to get Sauron - my little scooter, black and menacing - out of the garage to go to the shop/store/whatever, when the metal plate of the inspection pit gave way under me, and I landed on my arse in several inches of filthy water at the bottom of the pit. Yes, it was the pits, before anyone else says it. Grins.

Amazed that I was not a) dead, b) suffering several broken bones, and c) had not peed myself, I yelled for help, and the nice lady next door went and got Rich out of bed and, long story short - I had my head glued back together at the local hospital. Sheesh! I've been super-glued!

All I was worried about was that I wouldn't make to TOM in Cardiff on 26 April!

So I wrote this to cheer myself up.

Pit Stop: Caesura )


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