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Hello there! A sunny Sabbath morning, and the world is fair! Lovely!

I have finished CD! It has been such fun doing it, and, as you know, at one time I had no idea who had committed any of the murders, so I'm glad it worked out. It would have been awful if I had had to stop and say 'Sorry! But I don't know whodunit!' :D

So here we are - the last part. I do hope you like it. Hugs to my Faithful Readers - and commenters! Wibble!

Crowner's Dilemma - Thirty )
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Hello! We have put the heating back on! Really, this weather is incredible! Moan Moan, grumble, grumble.

Well, I have just read Twilight, and I enjoyed it, so I bought the film, too, and I enjoyed that. Written, of course, for teen girls, it lacks a little in depth and characterisation, but I can live wih that! Going on Amazon in a mo to see if I can get a cheapie of the next book. Well, why not?

So here, my little plum duffs, is the penultimate part of...

Crowner's Dilemma - 29 )
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Good evening, My loves! I'm sorry I'm so late posting this tonight, but I have [ profile] tweedle_ here - Squee!!! - and we have been watching Elijah in The War, in which she agrees our man - well, boy then - is tremendous.

It is so lovely to have her here. We hope to have funfunfun tomorrow, in anny case. Watch this space!!

So, without further ado - Read more... )
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Hello! Yes, it's Sunday again, and a beautiful day it has been, too. My sis brought me strawberries and they were delicious. Me likes fruit. :D

Anyway, on with it, my friendies. Here is Part 27!

Crowner's Dilemma - 27 )
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Hello! I am sorry it's late but I was so tired I needed a snooze before I posted it. Hope y'all forgive me.

It's coming to its end, now - I think! Never sure with my stories, but I have enjoyed it all.

Gonna waste no more time, then. Crowner's Dilemma - 26 )
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Another of Summer'shobbit's lovely pics!

Aha! Oho! And other ejaculations! Giggle. I am in a very odd mood tonight. Could it be the Navarin of Lamb I have just consumed? I really enjoyed it, I must say. Must try it with couscous next time. Wibble. :D

So, anyway, on to The Story. I am finally seeing the light! Things are falling into place. Huge woot. Some may not believe that I don't plan these stories out - but I don't. I sit down at the puter and write what comes. In that way, I'm reading it for the first time, as you are!

I now think I know who killed Wenna - but it could be one of three people, so I'm still not certain! It's such fun!

Here we go, anyway. Crowner's Dilemma Part 25 )
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Aha! Here I be, on a lovely Spring evening, in Welsh Wales! It is truly a beautiful day - but am I the only Brit who does not want the Summer to be TOO HOT? :D

Anyway, my loves, here is this week's instalment of my Murder Mystery. More clues next week? They do cut to the chase, so we shall see!

In the meantime - Crowner's Dilemma - 24 )
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This is a lovely pic I got off eBay, which I thought you might like. Feel free to snaffle it! :D

Right ho! Four o'clock on a Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the grandkids have just left clutching their Easter Egg money. So there is peace! :D

I am about to have a well-earned snoozette, so I thought I'd post this first. I trust you like it!

Crowner's Dilemma - Part Twenty Three )
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Summershobbit's smashing pic! Hugses.

Hello! The sun has gone, and I'm sitting here with Horlicks, full of grapes that my sis (hugs) brought for me today.

So, instead of wasting valuable time waffling, my little cabbages - here's the next part. Hey ho!

Crowner's Dilemma - Twenty two )
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Shortly thereafter - LSR delivers the goods! How great is she? Best beta in the multiverse (see Terry Pratchett)

Anyway, here it is, my darlings.

Crowner's Dilemma - Twenty One )
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Hello there! [ profile] ladysunrope is sitting near me drinking lemon ginger and honey stuff cos she has a sore throat, but even so, she as beta'ed this for me, so here it is! Bless her cotton socks!! :D

To try to describe the magnificence of McKellan and Stewart in Godot is futile, as the write-up on [ profile] tweedle_'s LJ is better than anything I could say. Go read there. It was a fantastic evening - indeed a fantastic weekend all round. Thank you, dear friends, Lisabellex, LSR and Tweedle for an amazing time. Hugs you all tight.

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Hello, dear friends! That blooming hour puts my body-clock all out of synch. Those of you who do not have to suffer time being mangled about twice every year, have my deepest envy. Dammit!

And thank you, my darlings to those who earlier asked how I was. It is lovely to think folks are thinking of you. Mwah.

Anyway, here is Part 19, my loves.

Hugs flist to her heart. <3 xxx

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Another of [ profile] summershobbit 's lovely pics. :D

Right ho, me hearties! Here I am, again - cor, you've had a few doses of me this week! - with this Sunday's episode of my story.

I was woken up early today, by a vision of cabbages, a carrot and some string, but I am resisting writing it until I finish part 19 of CD. One has to draw the line somewhere, childer!!

Some things must be firmly suppressed until the appropriate time - say, four o'clock in the morning, when one can't sleep!

So here is Crowner's Dilemma - 18 )
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Hello there! A bright, sunny Sabbath. Cold, but I do not mind that. It's the dull, drab, damp, and dingy I can't stand. And it is nice to see the flowers blooming. Spring!

So here, on this lovely Spring afternoon, is this week's offering. I hope you enjoy it - if that's the right word for what lies herein. :D

Crowner's Dilemma - Seventeen )
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Hi, ho! I was just going off for my afternoon snoozette, but I thought I'd better post this first. :D

It's a dull day here, and that makes me tireder. So, of I go to finish the last few pages of the book I'm reading, and have a good rest.

Did you all see that Saura has given birth to little Andres? Cool news!! The father is SO excited, bless him.

Anyway, on we go. Crowner's Dilemma - 16 )
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Hello, again! Yes, it is me. I am busy writing part 16, and enjoying it immensely. I like a bit of conflict, and there is certainly some in this story!

I feel I must remind you that this story is an AR. The time-line has been skewed by me for the purposes of my story. Richard was, in RL, at this time, held hostage by Duke Leopold, and not gallivanting about Kent, mooning sighs over Elijah's left eyebrow. I had him held thus, in CJ, cos it suited my purposes. So there!

As to the oud - the musical instrument mentioned - they were used in the middle-east at this time. There were no lutes in England in 1190, so an oud it had to be. We must try to get a bit of verisimilitude into our tale, what?

So there we go. I hope you enjoy it.

Crowner's Dilemma - 15 )
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Hello, there! It is Sunday again, and the Sun Doth Shine! I like it when that happen!

Am busy writing Crowner 15. I hope to finish it tomorrow. I like to be ahead of things, but I have slowed up a bit in recent weeks. Gone, it seems, are the days when I used to be able to write a chapter a day. Never mind! I can still wield my mighty typing pencil, albeit more slowly.

So here it is, my loves. Part 14, which I hope you'll like! Hugs.

Crowner's Dilemma 14 )
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Hello, hello! Nice sunny day for dear [ profile] tweedle_ to travel down in. I hope it stays.

So, before she arrives, I'm posting this, cos I'm going to have my snoozette early, the more to enjoy her presence when she arrives.

Without further ado, I give you....

Crowner's Dilemma 13 )
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Hello, dear friends! I'm sorry I am so late posting thius, but I've been having a really good chat on the phone with a friend! YaY! Nice. Me likes friends.

I am now going to have a late afternoon snooze, so will answer all comments made in my two previous posts, later when I get up. :D

I hope there is no snow where you are, or if there is, it is bearable. In the Antipodes, another friend tells me the fire has cost many lives. God bless them all.

I hope this will take your mind off the world for a bit. It certainly does mine, wen I'm writing it.

So here we go...Crowner's Dilemma - Part Twelve )
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Hello, hello! Good morning - nay, afternoon - from sort-of-sunny Wales. It can't make up its mind, properly. Ah, a beam of lambent light cometh through ye window. Goooood!

I have been wasting time this morning writing a sort-of humerous fic set in Uberwald, one of Terry Pratchett's Discworld countries. Dunno if it'll be understandable to non-Pratchett fans, but I will post it here when I've finished it, if anyone wants it. It is a DomLijah, natch. DomLijah the Gay Vampires of Uberwald, with assorted other guests.

It's darn cold here, today, so I'm off for some warm soup as soon as I post my latest part. So without further ado, here it is....

Crowner's Dilemma - Eleven )


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