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The lovely [ profile] summershobbit made three lovely pics for CD. This is one of them. In return I said I'd write her a short story based on ant pairing she fancied. She chose Aetheling.

So here it is, with my grateful thanks.

The Pear Trees at Blois )
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Well, here I am, my loves. Not very well at the moment, so you'll have to excuse me not commenting on all your posts. I am trying, but I can't sit for long.

Still I've done TONS of writing, and my new fic is just up my street. Or Road, in my case. ;D

Anyway, time to say good-bye to The Aetheling, and all his chums. I hope you've enjoyed it.

Aetheling - Twenty One )
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And why these two? Well, why not? Grins.

Hail, fellows, well met! Fol-lol, high-ho, de diddle de, as they say - or not, as the case may be.

The bright yellow orb graceth the sky (for five minutes) and I am writing my new story. Is happy. More about that, soon. :D

But here is the penultimate part of Aetheling. Only one left to go! I hope you find it satisfying, dear friends.

here it be..........Aetheling - Twenty )
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Three of Primmie's lovely pics!

Hello there, dear friends. Well, it is July and so - of course - I have just put the central heating on, as one does in that month. Mad, isn't it?

Still, the sun is bravely trying to shine, so that's good. :D

I was hoping that some of you might be ready for a little Anglo Saxon excitement. So without further ado, here it is. Hugses.

Aetheling Nineteen )
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A Crusader. Bit early for our story, but who cares?

Hello there! Before I post this week's part of Aetheling, I must say a ginormous THANK YOU to everyone who sent me birthday gifts, cards and wishes. I can't enumerate you all, because I'll forget someone, and that hurts. I know - it's happened to me. ;D

I appreciate your thoughtfulness and concern, my dear friends. Another year. I am amazed! :D

My ex is sending me pics of the Morfa Stadium in Swansea, where Elton John is playing tonight. Music, not football. Grins. I wonder if there'll be any worth posting? If there are, I'll put em up. At the mo it's all shifting scenes and men moving stuff. Not very enthralling.

Anyway, on to the story. Here is part 18.

Aetheling-18 )
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Prim's Evol Leofric. Smashing!

Hello, there! I'm all behind, like a cow's tail, but I shall be answering your comments to my last post after luncheon. :D Or, maybe after my snoozette. *Is tired*

The wind is blowing, out there, and it's damn cold for mid-summer, but the sun shineth, and I have a good book to read, and folks I love, and who love me, so life is good.

Reminds me of that verse:

God bless those that I love,
and God bless those that love me.
And God bless those that love those that I love,
and those that love those that love me.

Gramatically awful, but beautiful, nonetheless. Encompasseth the whole world, methinks, or darn near it!

So here's this week's instalment of - Lighe and Dom go Riding. ;D

Aetheling Seventeen )
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Hey-ho! Yes, it is me, the cyst-less one, as I had one removed from my back this last week, and now have seven stitches sticking into my side. So I ain't sitting here long, dear friends. :D

I am carrying on with my diet, and the minute I get under thirteen stone I will let you know. I must, I must be thinner. It's so hard to walk, even the short distances I can manage, with all this extra blubber about me. I persevere!

Poor [ profile] ladysunrope is still having lots of probs with her bad arm, but like the doll she is, today's part has been completed. Hugs her.

So without further prevarication, here is...

The Aetheling - Sixteen )
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I love this pic of Prim's. Thank you, my dear!

I give you God-den! :D The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I am 13 pounds thinner! Now, that IS a good day!

Dear [ profile] ladysunrope is still having probs with her arm, but she did this for me today, despite it being very painful. So all give LSR a HUGE hug. xxx

So, without furthur ado, here it is. Dedicated this week to the Champion Muffin Maker of Olde England, [ profile] tweedle_. I can only eat one a week, so they're lasting well, old sprout!!

Aetheling Fifteen )
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Good morning! Well, it is here. Not sunny, but bright enough. Certainly better than last weekend. :D

I'm just about to begin part 19 of this story, so I'm getting on with it. It's coming to an end, now, and I can't see it going further than 20 parts. Stories end when they end - I can't - or won't - force them on to more.

There will be something else to write about, soon, and that always pleases me.

Anyway, on with the motley - or, in my case, a clean Kaftan -

Warning! There be Hawt LURVE in here! Meep. Aetheling 14 )
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Good morning! Well, it's raining-pouring-the-old-man's-snoring, here. Bank Holiday. What else can one expect?

Pat is home, you'll be glad to hear, and feeling ok, bless her. :D That's good!

And [ profile] ladysunrope, despite having a painful arm, has done part 13 - VERY lucky for some - id est, the DomLij. Wibble.

She has very kindly - despite her misgivings and a quiet groan - allowed me to keep the last phrase. You'll see when you get there. But I do like a bit of soppiness on occasion. Another Wibble.

Aetheling 13 )
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Good morning! the sun is trying hard to shine through the clouds - I give it 8 out of 10 for effort. Otherwise - Richie has the heating on, as it's far from warm.

I am on a diet, and have just consumed my breakfast - one Slimfast Banana Drink. Oh, joy! I wanted, two slices of toast with butter spread so thickly on it you could see the teeth marks. But, no - an effort - and great sacrifices - have/has to be made. Tomorrow, as my weekly treat, I shall have the toast. (23 hours to go) :D

Anyway, enough of this vain hyperbole. Here is this week's instalment of our AngloSaxon story. Hope you like. Next week, THERE IS LOVE! This week, there are mushrooms.

The Aetheling - 12 )
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I murdered a bee. Guilt is my middle name. I love bees, and one was trapped, exhausted, in our house, fazed by the insect repellent devices I have plugged into the walls.

I turned them off, and waited for Rich to come downstairs and escort said creature into the fresh air.

Alas, it was not to be. I stepped on the poor darling and crushed it. Misery is me. I LOVE bees. Sob.

Ah, well, too late now.

Anyway, here is part 11 of my story, which I hope you'll like.

Aetheling 11 )
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Lando, by Primsie!

Hello! I hope you forgive me for my nuttiness in posting another Hobart Drizzle story yesterday. I was just in that sort of a mood!

But today, we are back to normal, with Aetheling, and our bois.

This part is dedicated to the lambent [ profile] lisabellex HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sweetie!

Aetheling Ten )
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A manip by Rich. Love their faces! Ta, son! Clickie on for a bigga.

I posted this yesterday morning before we went - it seems it didn't show up on flists - so here it be again! ;D

We are off, off... off to see the wizard - I mean, The Oxford Murders - soon, and I will let you know how we got on, on Sunday, after my lovely visitors leave. Sob. Want 'em to stay! I do. I
Cannot wait to see Lij, and all the girls in BIG. I wonder how many of us are going to see him today? I'd love to know. I s'pose I will, if I count up everyone later! :D

I am on part 15 of this story at the moment, and enjoying it immensely. Lady (blessed) Sunrope has betaed this just now, before we leave. I know that there are too many "Trembled" 's in it - I wonder how many she chopped out? Can't stop to read it, though.

Aetheling Nine )
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Bless! Young Danwald by the talented [ profile] primula_baggins

Phew! Well, not much to say, as I'm off to my sofa for a comfy lie-down, and a good rest. And why not? I hear you say. :D

I hope you like this, dear friends - yes, I do.

Aetheling 8 )
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Grrr! Evol, evol man, courtesy of the wonderful [ profile] primula_baggins Thank you, Primsie!

Hello! Well, I thought I'd post it early as dear [ profile] ladysunrope managed - despite being on holiday, bless her - to do this yesterday for me.

I was so excited to see Lij yesterday on tv. He is so lovely, and the giggle was to die for. Plus Dom got mentioned 3 yes THREE times, which was great. Now we all know what Lij sounds like when he says "penis" and "balls". *Clears throat* Yes, well....

So, anyway, my loves, here's this weeks chapter.

Aetheling Seven )
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Another great pic from Prims. Isn't it lovely?

I was lying down and reading, thinking I'd post this in the morning - but then I thought "some of my friends across the Pond might like to read it now," so here it is!

I am enjoying writing it - I hope it shows, Hugs my flist for being such great feedbackers! ;D

Aetheling Six )
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Here is a smashing pic [ profile] primulabaggins made for this story. Isn't it great? Hugs her tight.

It is Sunday, again, and although we lost an hour this morning, it is bright and the sun boldly shineth upon us. So there!

Richie thanks you all for your kind birthday wishes - he had a great time with his Dad and Bro at the theatre watching some comedians. :D

Right ho. Onward we go, delving into dark places with the Bois in Anglo-Saxonish times. Here be the next part....

Aetheling Five )
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A HAPPY EASTER to all my flist who celebrate the Day! He is Risen.

Before I post my story I want to put in a few words. As you will no doubt know if you are readers of my stuff, this is an Alternate Reality tale, and may contain aspects not usually attributed to Anglo Saxon times. I can think of a few. That is why I don't usually ascribe a date to my work - it's easier to read than worry that if this is supposed to be 568 AD, why is Charlemagne mentioned it it, when he was an 11th century bod?

So please just read and enjoy. I hope you do, at any rate.

Aetheling Four )
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A Little Prince

Hello there! I wanted to do a bit of writing before I posted this, but I have been reading, instead. Naughty me! Still, they are two of my fave occupations. No idea how I'll manage when my cataracts take over - not until they're removed anyway. Can't see that much in any case. But I'm sure I'll manage somehow.

I had the daftest dream last night about Dom, Lij and Orli. I was reciting the "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!" speech from Shakespeare's Henry the Fifth, and they were doing the set the teeth, and stretch the nostril wide, hold hard the breath and bend up every spirit...etc.,etc.,. They looked ridiculous, but it was so much fun! Yes, daft, I know. :D

Anyway, my friends, here's the next part of my story. Hope you like it. Aetheling - Three )


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