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Laverbread, cockles, bacon, sausage. How it's traditionally served. Sometimes with a fried egg, too. Overloaded with cholesterol!!

I wish Richie was up, cos he could have taken pictures.. :D

I fancied a laverbread sandwich for lunch. Laverbread is, in essence, boiled seaweed - see pic. It is a Welsh delicacy, and a very acquired taste. Ask Lady Sunrope - it got as far as inside her mouth and was disposed of into a tissue. Enough said. But I LOVE it! It's thick, black, gloopy, very sticky, dries harder than cement, and is very hard to manage between two slices of nice wholemeal bread.

Here is a list of the things that got covered with laverbread during this exercise.

1. Wok, inside and out.
2. Counter tops and stove - 3
3. Utensils - 4
4. Plates - 2
5. Kitchen roll - six sheets
6. Tissues - 4
7. Me. As in all over my face. Did I say it's gloopy?
8. Kaftan.
9. Hands
10. Computer desk.
11. Keyboard.
12. Mouse.
13. Backscratcher - don't ask.
14. Purse. Ditto.
15 Banana - oh, my!!
16. Typing pencil.
17. Hat - yes, it gets weirder!
18. Cup I put my pills in
19. Insulin pen
20. Comb
21. Drinks bottle

Oh, I DO wish you could have seen it all! Never mind - next time I'll have it for supper and Richard can snap it all. Oops! More on the keyboard. It lingers, y'know? :D xxxxx
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