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This is His Highness, Prince Eliyah of Ranjipore. Done by....ME!!!! Giggles. Well, threequarters by me. Is proud. Click, as usual, for the bigger. :D

Anyway, on this dull Sunday afternoon, I send you all my greetings. The sun has gone down, and I'm sitting here drinking banana milkshake and enjoying the thought of the DomLijah drinking tea. Well, whatever turns you on.

So, here is this week's part, with boysecks in it. Hope you like it.

Thanks, as always, to the lovely [ profile] ladysunrope for beta.

Part - 27

After the princesses and Udai had left to wander in the gardens for an hour with Mooma, Dom waited a few moments, then spoke to the men, his face as solemn as his voice.

"This afternoon, Duleep Singh will die. He and the clerk who sold me and my kingdom, and would have killed us for England's tainted gold. Those of you who wish to stand beside me whilst I - as I am bound to do - witness this execution carried out, may do so."

He turned to Elijah, and spoke to him, softly, as if they were alone. "I do not wish you to see such a thing, my Lij. I would rather, in fact, that you did not. Will you wait for me in my chambers? I will come to you as soon as it is done."

Elijah was about to protest that he would stand by Dom's side, as was his duty, when he saw the pleading look in the king's eyes. Dom really did not wish him to be present.

"I will, of course, do as you wish, Udom Singh. Go you, and do your duty."

He saw the wave of relief wash over Dom's face, and bowed himself from the room before he was too overcome at the thought of the king's coming ordeal to do so in an orderly manner.

Dom glanced at his menfolk. As one, they rose, in silence, and followed him from the room.


It was two hours before Dom returned to his apartments. Elijah had tried reading to pass the time, but had sat, the book in his lap, thinking of Dom, and little else.

Dom came in, his face grey with exhaustion, and stood behind the chair opposite Elijah's. "It is done," he said, his voice hoarse with fatigue.

"Do not fear, my love; I shall ask no questions," Elijah said, in gentle tones, laying the book aside as he stood.

"Thank God for that!" Dom sighed, and took Elijah in his arms, and held him close. "Thank God for you, and your kind and understanding nature, my dear, dear man."

Dom released himself for a moment, and removed his coat, throwing it on the floor. Quickly undressing to his underdrawers, he took Elijah's hand, and went into the bedroom. Elijah removed his clothing as Dom got into the bed, and then joined his lover. They lay entwined upon the bed, until Dom, totally exhausted, fell asleep.

Elijah did not sleep immediately. He thought for a moment about the expression on Dom's face as he had entered the room. This king had responsibilities that he would not wish to share. He brushed the hair out of Dom's face, and kissed him softly, on the cheek.

There was a spot of dried blood above the king's left eyebrow.
Elijah reached under the pillow for a handkerchief, and carefully wiped it off. He threw the handkerchief from him as hard as he could without disturbing Dom, and nestled once more beside him.

The emotion of the last two days had caught up with them both. Elijah was as weary as was Dom. He closed his eyes, glad that Dom had felt no need to lock the doors, today - glad that he felt safe.

At last - at last it was over.


The sun had moved a considerable distance across the wide windows when Dom finally awoke. He stretched his body, and yawned. Elijah, standing by the window, looked over his shoulder, and smiled.

"Do you feel rested, Dom? It is a lovely evening outside. I have been watching one of the young gardeners helping Mooma plant something in the gardens. I was too far away to see what it was, but from the happy cries she gave, it engendered much pleasure."

Dom rose, and came to the window, putting an arm around Elijah. "She is like her mother," he said, in a soft voice. "Farisa loved all growing things."

Elijah did not have to ask whether Dom's marriage had been a happy one, for his voice, when he spoke of his wife, was always tender. He wondered at it, for Dom was so obviously a man for other men; his female harem contained no concubines, only his mother and his two virgin wives. Perhaps it was that the two were friends before anything else. Friendship can endure, he thought, where love cannot always thrive.
He also wondered why the conspirators had chosen to include the late queen's name within their plottings, but said nothing. Perhaps, one day, they would discuss it - but not today.

"It is late, my love," Dom said, glancing at the clock. "We should dress for dinner. There is no point in donning different clothing twice in an hour." He rang the bell for Gafur, but it was Billy who came. Elijah was glad that he remembered to knock before being invited to enter. These were Dom's apartments, and the customs here, slightly different.

"Gafur begs to be excused, my lord. He is sitting with Wafiya. He said if you want him, he will come." Billy said, going to the wardrobe and opening the doors wide so that Dom could see the clothing within, and make his choice.

Dom said that Gafur would not be needed again that night, and Billy promised to give him that message.

The door dragged over the handkerchief that Elijah had earlier thrown, and Billy picked it up. He noted the warning look his master gave him, and stuffed the handkerchief quickly into his pocket.

"Have you any preference as to colour, my lord?" Billy asked, as he laid two outfits upon the bed for Dom's inspection.

Dom shook his head. "How is Wafiya, Bill?" He did not wish to ask, but he was king, and responsible for those in his care.

"Better than he should be, my lord. The doctor went to supervise, and stopped it after thirty. I'm sure he had permission to do so."

"He did." Dom's voice was tight in his throat. "Billy, is it all over?"

Billy put up a hand to stop the king from speaking. A huge breach of etiquette, as he knew, but he also knew that Dom would not mind it - not this time, at least.

"There is nothing happened in Ranjipore that you would not wish, Highness. All is safely and satisfactorily arranged. If you should be asked by any English official..." Billy continued, taking out a cream shot- silk tunic for Elijah's approval, "...all you need to say is that, sadly, there are bandits and renegades hiding in the hills of every kingdom. Sometimes, they disappear, and so do their victims. But, no-one will ask - they have me for that."

He turned to Elijah. "This - or the red jacket, my lord?" Elijah chose the cream.

"I took the liberty, my lords, of sending to the harem to ask if the princesses were attending dinner," Billy informed them, skilfully winding a turban about Elijah's head as if it had been part of his daily duties. Elijah knew Billy - he had been taking lessons.

Dom raised an expressive eyebrow.

"Their Highnesses begged to be excused, my lord. Her Highness One remarked - so I understand - that they were worn to a thread with all the dissipation, and would attend you at luncheon, tomorrow."

Billy pinned a huge ruby into the turban, and clipped another to the lobe of Elijah's right ear.

Dom grinned. "One day's freedom, and they are already exhausted? Bless them!"

Billy lifted a sash over the king's head, and was about to pin his orders upon it - as dinner was a formal occasion - when Dom shook his head. "Just the Celestial Order of the Princes of Ranjipore, Bill, as Elijah is wearing. I do not wish to be a king - not tonight. We shall all be princes, together."

As he selected the Order, and pinned it in place, for once Billy failed to meet Dom's eye. "I understand, my lords, that there is some slight conjecture as to the whereabouts of Lord Cecil. His valet is particularly disturbed. He seems to have disappeared, the man says. Very volatile over it he has been. He's worn Fadi to a thread with his questions. Lord Basmin, at Fadi's harassed entreaty, asks that you, um, deal with it, my lords." Billy's face was impassive, but Elijah recognised that the man was trying not to laugh.

"Oh, Lord!" Elijah murmured, smiling. "I had forgotten about poor Trenchard! Billy, will you inform him that his lordship to him in less than a week's time, if you please."

"A happier, and wiser man, we sincerely hope," Dom added in deceptively sober tones.

Billy pretended to frown at them both, but looked at Elijah. "Now where is he, my lord? Where have you hidden him? You are a mad case, man, and you know it!"

Dom nodded his permission and Elijah, giggling, choked out as best he could - "he is in the king's male harem, Bill, enjoying the amenities on offer - and I do not suggest you attempt to rescue him from there."

Billy Boyd started laughing. "Ye are a right fine pair o' gowks, and no mistake!" he said, his Scottish accent thick with mirth. "Go, and eat your dinner!"


Dinner had been a quiet, but friendly affair. There was no talk of the day's doings, and the absence of Osman Singh was accounted for - he was suffering from a bad headache. Dom did not doubt it.

As they left the dining room, Ian asked Dom if he would visit Wafiya in the Infirmary. "He is a nervous type, Udom. He will settle better, tonight, if he knows you forgive him. His skin is very delicate, you know. I am glad you gave orders that I could stop it, if needed."

The three men walked slowly to the Infirmary, which gave time for a little talk between them.

"He is a foolish man," Ian continued, "but not malicious. Gafur is still with him, his mother being too upset to stay with him long."

Dom agreed. "I was going to see him, tomorrow, but I think you are correct, Dada-ji - he will sleep the better for it, tonight."

"I am waiting until he has seen you to give him a sedative strong enough to help him sleep all night. I am certain he will be both upset and relieved by your visit. Old Gafur can rest beside him. I had an extra bed put in the room." Ian opened the door, bowed, and allowed the younger men to enter before him.

Elijah remembered that he, too, was now a prince. He liked Ian's fine distinction between being the king's grandfather, and the king's loyal subject. This family was the sort to which he had dreamed of belonging, during those long nights at Eton, when a sad, lonely little boy had had only a wooden horse, given to him by his nurse, to comfort him.

Gafur, looking as tired as he must have felt, leapt to his feet as they entered. Elijah was certain he had been weeping, for his eyes were red, but he seemed composed enough.

Dom put a reassuring hand on his servant's shoulder, and sat beside the young man, lying on his belly upon the bed, his back covered by strips of cloth dipped in unguent.

"Wafiya, do not look so frightened," Dom said, his voice low and friendly. "You have received your punishment, and that is an end to it. It shall never more be mentioned between us."

"Thank you, Highness," Wafiya managed, before bursting into tears. Above the man's sobs, Dom told Gafur that Billy would see to his needs, and that Gafur should stay for a few days, until his son should feel better.

"Her Highness One looks forward to your return to the seraglio, Wafiya. Do not disappoint her by keeping her waiting too long."

Elijah saw that Wafiya must have thought that he would be either sent away, or barred from working in the harem, for he burst into renewed sobs, thanking Dom, and trying to grasp his hand to kiss it. Dom allowed him to do so, then Ian ushered them both away and mixed the sleeping draught for his overwrought patient.


The quiet in Dom's apartments was refreshing after the noisy emotion in the Infirmary. They sat for a while playing chess, but neither man's mind was on the task, and they soon gave it up.

At ten o'clock, Billy brought hot chocolate and biscuits, hinting that was time the men retired. They still looked exhausted from their ordeal, and he thought that they would sleep well, that night, with nothing to disturb them.

He stayed long enough to remove the discarded clothing for attention, and, attired simply in lawn nightshirts, they went into the bedroom, and stood for a while looking out over the lamp-lit gardens.

"It is such a peaceful place," Elijah sighed. "When one is not fleeing assassins, that is."

Dom put his head on Elijah's shoulder. He began speaking - a poem, in German, that Elijah had never before heard. He was certain his cousin Victoria would have liked it. It would have made her think of her lost Albert. Elijah thought only of Dom.

Dom's voice was low with suppressed desire as Elijah listened, and absorbed the sense of the words that Dom spoke so passionately.

You are tranquility,
and gentle peace,
You are longing
And what satisfies longing.

I consecrate to you -
Full of pleasure and pain,
As a dwelling here,
My eyes and heart.

Come live with me,
And close the gates
quietly behind you.

Drive other pain
Out of this breast;
May my heart be filled
With your pleasure.

The tabernacle of my eyes
by your radiance
alone is illumined,
O fill it completely!

Elijah shuddered, and moaned with desire as he took Dom into his arms, and kissed him. "O füll es ganz!" he murmured the last line of the poem into Dom's mouth, and they went to the bed, hand in hand.

"Do you need me so much?" Elijah whispered, as he pressed Dom against the side of the enormous bed. "As much as I need you?"

Dom ran a trembling finger under the collar of Elijah's nightshirt, causing ripples of desire to run down his body. "More, ever than I wanted anything, do I want you. Not only for tonight, but to be at my side, for ever."

Elijah knew, from that moment, he could not, nor would not ever leave Dom. The love that bound them was unbreakable.

In bed at last, naked in the warm evening breeze blowing through the open windows, each looked at the other as if it was the first time.

Dom saw a dark-haired, blue-eyed man, whose eyes, though beautiful, had held so much sorrow before this day. Dom realised that when Elijah had come to Ranjipore he had been one of the saddest men he had ever encountered; but now those eyes were alight with love and joy, and Dom kissed each one, in turn, moved to be the one who had been the cause of this joy.

Elijah saw Dom's long, fair hair, shining in he moonlight; his blue-grey eyes - which could look the colour of thunderclouds when he was angered - were soft with love and desire. Elijah thought him the most beautiful man he had ever encountered. He kissed Dom's nose, and, in return, Dom kissed him.

"Take me," Dom murmured. "I do not wish to wait. Do you desire me?"

Elijah laughed, his voice shaking. "You know full well that I desire you, lord king. Is not my prick boring a hole in your belly, even now?"

Dom nuzzled his lover's neck. "I did not like to mention it - bad form, you know. Cambridge - rule number One - never mention a man's dick before he brings the subject up himself, so to speak."

Elijah managed a shaky laugh, before inhaling deeply, trying hard to get his breathing under control enough to speak. But before he managed to do so, Dom had slid down the bed, and taken Elijah into his mouth.

There was nothing, now, that Elijah wished to say. He was fixed upon the sensations swirling around his body and mind. Dom was teasing him, flicking his tongue into places that Elijah realised that Dom knew better than he did himself. Abandoning speech, he gave himself up to love.

When he felt he could bear no more, Dom stopped. "Now?" the soft voice above him pleaded. Elijah managed to nod, but before he had completed the movement, Dom, with a hoarse cry had impaled himself upon him, and, with one hand steadying himself, rode Elijah to completion.

They said nothing; the only sound in the room, their breathing, harsh and desperate. Elijah reached out to take Dom in his hand, to bring him to climax, but he saw it was not needed. Dom, his face transfigured with desire, had no need of help.

Shuddering, Elijah groaned, coming hard - and in the moments that followed, watched, amazed, as Dom, his head thrown back, the sweat running down his chest, his hair flying in the breeze, cried out his joy in a voice tinged with triumph.

There followed the unutterable silence that only love can bring, as they lay, their bodies pressed tight together, and their hearts beating steadily, one for the other.

Dom and Lij - the new-formed creature - was born in that minute, never to be sundered in life, or in death.



Kehr Ein Bei Mir

Du bist die Ruh,
Der Friede mild,
Die Sehnsucht du
Und was sie stillt.

Ich weihe dir
Voll Lust und Schmerz
Zur Wohnung hier
Mein Aug und Herz.

Kehr ein bei mir,
Und schließe du
Still hinter dir
Die Pforten zu.

Treib andern Schmerz
Aus dieser Brust!
Voll sei dies Herz
Von deiner Lust.

Dies Augenzelt
Von deinem Glanz
Allein erhellt,
O füll es ganz!
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