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Hello! Just a few lines, beause I'm still giggling from this afternoon's dream whilst sleeping, (of course). It was a trio of men. Dom, Lij'll never guess...Jeremy Clarkson! Yes, that's right. Mr Motor Mouth himself. Dom and Lij were engaged together in hot, rampant sex, and Jeremy was moaning he wasn't getting any from either (or both) of them. 'And you won't, either, mate - not in my dream, you won't!' I said, just as I woke up. Dom 'n' Lij do look pretty coupling on my new rug - they do. :D

Well, dreams are funny things!

to go on 24 Feb, to be pre-assessed for my cataract op - left eye only. Hopefully, it won't be much longer after that, cos my eye is very clouded, now. At least - the surgeon said - he can see what's behind the eye, once they remove the thickened lens. Here's hoping.

Had to ring LSR, because I hadn't heard from her after sending her Part 24, which isn't like her - and the technician guy was giving artificial respiration to her computer, which as you know, has been playing up dreadfully.

He said it needed to be put on life support, or given the last rites - either/or. As she was telling me this, her phone went dead, and all I could get was her ansaphone. After ten minutes she rang back to say that that was playing up, too. Give the girl a break!

Do you know this bit of dog Latin?

Civile, si ergo
Fortibus es in aro.
Gnoses Mare, Thebe trux,
Vates inem? causand dux.

.... See Willie, see 'er go,
Forty buses in a row,
No, says Mary, They be trucks,
What is in 'em? cows and ducks

Enough already!
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